A Type Automatic Feeding System 1

A Type Automatic Feeding System

Type: A type automatic feeding system

labor saving

easy controlled

directly feed conveying

safe, convenient, power saving

feed machine can automatically turn

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Introduction of A Type Automatic Feeding System:

Automatic poultry feeding machine have 2 types:gantry type feeding machine and traction type feeding machine,these machine can transmit feed to the next equipment evenly and continuously, they also can adjust the amount of feed.

Why Poultry Automatic feeding system for Chicken Breeds?

Proper distribution of feed and water is a very important role player in your poultry business as they determine and affect on the health and production of eggs and chickens directly. Almost a decade ago, feeding and watering of chickens was totally based on manual functions. But as technology has been immersing, you can easily find an Automatic solution to the feeding problem for chicken breeds that can both save your time and money.

What kinds of poultry farm need automatic feeding hopper system?

Type 1. Chicken capacity plan up to 30,000 or beyond it year by year.

Type 2. Government project or state project, very modernize, large-scale or mechanized poultry farm.

Note: if your personal farm is beyond 20,000 birds in two years development, or the land is not very big and standard, you should have a good consideration, it is uneconomical and high investment relatively, meaning average cost of one chicken increasing.

A Type Automatic Feeding System

A Type Automatic Feeding System Hopper

The hoppers play an important role in the feeding system. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm. All the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and deliver fodder to the feeding trough symmetrically.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Production Technology

All the hoppers are made by our factory. Our CNC punch and CNC bending machine, make sure all the parts are fit to each other. perfectly. All the machine are operated by professional, all the holes and angles are correct for assembling.So they can match the feeding machine more smoothly.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Fodder flatten system

The fodder flatten system is constituted by nuts and bolts, spring and capacity control plate. When the feeding machine is operating, the fodder can be capacity controlled and flattened which is beneficial to saving fodder and equally distributed on the feeding trough. This system makes sure all the chicken can have enough fodder they need which means more healthy and higher rate of laying.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Working Orbit

Our working orbit is galvanized round pipes with diameter of 50 mm and thickness of 3 mm. The orbit is 6 meters long per piece and fixed on the cage frames.

The connection spot of two pipes is lined with a galvanizedpipe with diameter of 44mm. This design makes sure theconnection spot is strong and stable.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Engine and Auger

Motor Power: 0.75 kw, Voltage: 380V, Motor frequency: 50HZ.

We import the auger from South Africa. It is flexible and hard-wearing. It transfers the fodder into hoppers, then delivers the fodder to the feeding trough for chicken. The hoppers play an important role in the feeding system. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm.

A Type Automatic Feeding System:

Automatic feeding machine is widely used in animal husbandry,automatic feeders,automatic feeding equipment,and automatic assigns material equipment.Using the automatic feeding can realize feeding evenly; also can realize quantitative and proportional feeding.Institutions of automatic feeding: feeding machine is mainly made up of the frame, feeding box, feed sprocket, chain plate, electrical machine and so on.

Working principle: Motor driver sprocket feeding machine when it works, Sprocket driven chain plate rotating, Rotating chain plate will brought materials out from feeding box again

This equipment is used by lift material, material and Rail type feed skip, With a high degree of automation, low noise, uniform feeding, long using life, feeding speed, etc. Greatly improve Labor productivity. Avoiding cross-infection and the spread of liquidity virus by manual feeding.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Features:

1. Time and energy, and efficient. From feeding - storage - points and material feeding, realize the whole process automation, and effort very much. Its efficiency is artificial feeding 20-30 times, using artificial feeding, a hen house every time feed usually need to 2-3 hours, and the automatic feeding machine need only 6 minutes at a time.
2. Uniform feeding. Artificial feeding and traditional feeding machine has the problem of feeding non-uniformity, the machine adopts the unique "helical gear precision feeding device", uniform feeding is very accurate.
3. Healthy breeding. Due to using automatic control, personnel without feeding into the henhouse, reduced the chance of chicken cross infection, is one of the most important for healthy aquaculture engineering technical measures.

A Type Automatic Feeding System Operating instruction:

The machine from the expected design all automatic feeding, simple operation.

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