Automatic Egg Collecting System 1

Automatic Egg Collecting System

Paint Thickness: ≥0.05mm

Rated Power: 0.75~3.0KW

Egg collection ability: >3000 PIECES/HOUR

Source Type: AC,3-Phase Source

Size: (2.2-2.8)*(1.0-1.5)*(2.0-2.6)

Egg Broken Rate: ≤1%

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Introduction of the automatic egg collection system:

The automatic egg collecting equipment including imported equipment, pick up the egg plant, soft broken egg filtration system, egg and egg belt drive system, the egg front-end collection system, the power distribution and others. The composition of the large automatic egg collecting system, including more than one set of eggs as described in the automatic equipment and transportation equipment, referred to the egg delivery conveyor includes rods, sprocket, transmission chain, and then the egg tray; described in more automatic egg collecting equipment along the conveyor direction of movement of the transmission chain transmission device placed above one or both sides.

The automatic egg collection system from Golden Egg is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the eggs, which can be applied to the A-frame layer cage system and the H-frame stacked layer cage system of laying chicken and broiler/layer breeder. This simple, compact and high-performance automatic egg collection system with efficient production and high quality is manufactured by Golden Egg industry and widely used.

automatic egg collection cross Conveyor system

The cross conveyor collects eggs from different rows. Center of the system is galvanized conveyor chain with plastic hose outsourced and two side chain with hardening treatment. The eggs slips from the collection machines onto the cross conveyor.

All the cross bars are in a plane which means running smooth and stable to keep the eggs in good condition.

The whole system is professional produced, specialized produced for chicken farms.

This system is high efficient collection system. All the equipment are connected with each other perfectly, so the eggs will be delivered from the egg tray of chicken cages to the egg-collection machines smoothly, makes sure this system runs normally and high efficiently.

All the eggs can be transferred by one cross conveyor system.

No matter how many rows or tiers of the chicken cages, all the eggs can be collected and transferred to the same platform or same warehouse for packaging or storage.

The cross conveyor system runs at a steady speed of 140 cm per minute. Usually the height of the conveyor is 120 cm and the height is calculated to be the best position for egg-collection machines to the egg-collection time.

The platform is usually bigger and flat, which is convenient for final egg packing or storage.

the Advantage of our Automatic Egg Collecting Equipment

1).The egg automatic collection system, including inducts the installment, to ascend the egg equipment and erive the installment, the buffer mechanism, the feedway, the sprocket gear, as well as the fluctuation chain lin.
2).its composition's large-scale automatic egg collection system, the automatic egg collection equipment and the transportation states including many institutes, this system can against egg to fall with the breakage function, reduce the manpower and the physical resource disbursement,so it's suitable for the large-scale chicken farm.
3). Transports through the conveyor belt transmission device the egg from the cage net egg trough to the hen house head end or transmits after the central collection egg system to the egg storehouse.
4).the automaticity is high, saves the manpower, raised the labor productivity greatly. With our company make a special with automatic to pick up the eggs in the cage and the quality of the network development of eggs and etc, greatly reducing the breaking eggs, by reason of equipment in any phenomenon.

Before Installing Automatic Egg Collection Systems

Take these following questions into consideration before enabling Automatic egg collection systems into your poultry system:
Are the cages or houses of the birds are built in different elevations or different ground levels?
How much large is the capacity of the packer and the sorting system of the poultry of egg laying chickens?
Do your plans include collecting the eggs separately for each of the folks or not?
According to the answers of these mentioned questions, you have to decide the type and dimension of the automatic egg collection system from egg laying chickens you want to embed with your egg laying chickens.

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