H Type Baby Chicken Cage 1

H Type Baby Chicken Cage

Type: H type baby chicken cage

Material: Q235 steel wire

Surface treatment: Cold/hot galvanized and plastic coated

Tiers: 2-5 Tiers

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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H Type Baby Chicken Cage Introduction:

H type baby chicken cage system are made up by the hot dip galvanized cages,automatic feeding and drinking,manure removal and climate control system,it is widely used in close house. It helps the farmers to get best rearing effect because of all chicken rearing period will be controlled by automatic systems with high automation.

We are the manufacturer of plastic spraying chicken cages in China, and we have installed for tens of thousands of chicken farming home and abroad. About baby chick cage, Our H type baby chicken cage have advantages as following:
1). Chicken cages adopt galvanized and plastic spraying double technical skills. It has a strong resistance to corrosion and drug disinfect, never goes rusting. Its service life is 4-6 years longer than galvanized chicken cage. So it can reduce the cage repeat purchase and the waste of human and financial resources.
2). The cages are made of Q235 wire. The frame are solid, and are able to withstand at least 60kg weight.
3). The mesh of plastic spraying chicken cage is smooth, which can prevent the chicken foot from injury and infection effectively. Netting and bottom net are very dense, which can prevent the chicken hurting each other.
4). High-density multi-tier chicken cage can reduce the use of land. It is also helpful to prevent epidemic prevention and reduce poultry disease incidence.
5). The eggs are clean and won't be broken easily.

Advantages of H type baby chicken cage system:

1. Automatic feeding improves labor productivity.
2. Special and flexible design for cage side.
3. Beneficial design for baby chick healthy growth.
4. Rational structure to decrease the dosage for chicken.
5. Improving the survival rate of chicken because of the rational cage.
6. Large breeding and better economic benefit.
7. Good daylight and ventilation.
8. Free chicken house design and technology support.

H type baby chicken cage Explanation

In a house of 80m*13m, if 4 tier cages are installed, height of side wall should be 3.5m, 49 units of cage per line,and total birds quantity will reach 37632; If 5 tier cages are installed, height of side wall should be 4m,49 units of cage per line, and total birds quantity will reach 47040.

Automatic H type chicken cages include the following system:

1. Cage and frame
2. Automatic feeding system
3. Automatic drinking system
4. Automatic manure removing system
5. Automatic egg collecting system
6. Environment control system(cooling pad+ ventilation fan+ automatic temperature controller)

H Type Baby Chicken Cage Feeding System

The Unifor gives the possibility by the special feeding plates to day old chicks to easy reach on the feed trough.Because of the perfect design on the foot plate and feeding plate there is no feed mostage during the feeding period.Chain feeding system and feed hopper system with special feed slides,to feed the chicks and pullets more homogenised and quick as possible several times a day.

H Type Baby Chicken Cage Drinking Syetem

In the cages the nipple line is near the center with one broiler nipple and three plastic coated.

H Type Baby Chicken Cage Manure Removal System

Robust construction of manure removal rollers,drive the Poly Propylene(PP)manure belts for collection of the manure under the cage.Because of the strong structure,system can work until 200 m.All galvanized material gives the possibility for long life.

H Type Baby Chicken Cage Climate Control System

The chicken house must be close which equipped with the Climate Control System.our " ZHT " Control System,so the feeding,drinking,egg collection and manure removal system all controlled by the electricity control panels.the ventilation fans,cooling pads,heating equipment(in winter season),sidewall ventilation windows also controlled together automatic.

H type chicken cages Technical Data

Type Model Birds Qty / Door Birds Qty / Set Specification
H-Type 3-Tier 2-Door 21 pcs 126 pcs 1200mm*600mm*420mm
4-Tier 2-Door 21 pcs 168 pcs 1200mm*600mm*420mm
Surface treatment Service life
1. Cold galvanized chicken cage 5-year to 8-year
2. Hot galvanized chicken cage 20-year to 30-year
3. Green PVC coated chicken cage 10-year to 20-year
Tiers 2,3,4,5,6,etc. customizable
Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Warranty 15-20 years
Systems for Chicken farm
Drinking system Automatic: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank, reducing valve
Feeding system Automatic: Feeding trough, automatic feeding machine
Egg collecting system Automatic: Out egg handing platform, egg belt scientific design, low egg breakage rate
Manure removal system Automatic: Removal panel ,removal machine, controller, rope, high cleanliness
Environment control system Automatic: exhaust fan; cooling pad; environment controller; hygrometers and others
Application Chicken layer cage; broiler cage; poultry cage
Service Pre-sale and after-sale service & Installation service

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