H Type Broiler Chicken Cage 1

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage

Type: H type broiler cages

Material: Q235 steel wire

Surface treatment: Cold/hot galvanized and plastic coated

Tiers: 3-4 Tiers

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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H Type Broiler Chicken Cage Introduction

We produce cold/hot dip galvanized and plastic spraying three technical skills broiler cages.Hot dip galvanzied and Plastic spraying chicken cage Hot dip galvanzied and Plastic spraying chicken cage have a strong resistance to corrosion and drug disinfect, never goes rusting. Its service life is 4-6 years longer than cold galvanized chicken cage. So it can reduce the cage repeat purchase and the waste of human and financial resources.

The Automatic H frame Broiler Battery Cage System is composed of Hot dipped Galvanized Cage System with Plastic bottom floor mesh which can be taken out,it is flexible and corrosion resistant.
The broiler chickens will be dropped down on the manure belt and deliver to the end of the chicken house. The Transverse Broiler Conveyor System will deliver the broilers outside of the chicken house.
The system is easy to operate and has long service life for broiler rearing. The auger is from one of the most famous Auger Manufacturer Steel System which is made in South Africa, solid and durable .The plastic feeder will be give average feed to every broiler chicken in the cages. The stainless steel nipple drinkers which fitted with square pipe(25*25mm,Thickness=2.50mm),
And the Cups under the nipples can collect the dropped water from the drinkers.

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage Advantages:

1. Chicken cage could feed the broiler from one day old, because the lifespan of the broiler is 42 days, don't need to have the baby chick cage when they are small, save cost.
2. Comfortable cage for Broiler chickens - The unit area per chicken has reached new european standard.
3. Fully use of space & save investment - Cost on land is cut greatly.
4. Low disease and death rate - Good design and environment control system lead to almost zero death rate.
5. Highly corrosion resistant - Electrostatic spraying process assures cage corrosion resistant.
6. Automatic water drinking system - Good quality nipple drinkers can control output and avoid splashing.
7. Easy to install and operate.

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage FEEDING SYSTEM

Feeding system runs automatically from the silos to feeding pans in cages.This automation is materialized with feed level measurement by the means of some sensors on the pans which is located on line-end.When the feed level reduces in the pans,pans fills automatically by the feed bunkers.
Specially designed broiler feed pans are used in feeding system.The pans are placed on spiral feeding line in the middle of cage and 2 pieces pans for each cage.Feed lines are adjustable as fit for broilers' sizes,by using winch system at the line-beginning.

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage DRINKING SYSTEM

Drinking system works by 12 stainless steel nipples in each cage that placed onto nipple lines.Height of the lines can be adjusted by a single hand crane which placed at the beginning of row.Nipples are 360° turnable nipples that never drops and leaks.


By pulling out the plastic drawer which the broiler are living on top,the broilers are dropped on the manure drive

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage Specification:

It is the 3 or 4 tiers of H frame battery cage system are most popular. The dimension of each cage cell is 800*600*420mm, and 8birds in each cell, average 600 sq.cm. can be taken by each bird, this is enough for broiler from day 1 to its harvest. And we also can produce OEM H Frame broiler cages according to clients’ special requests.
The Automatic H frame Broiler Battery Cage System is composed of Hot dipped Galvanized Cage System with Plastic bottom floor mesh which can be taken out,it is flexible and corrosion resistant.

H Type Broiler Chicken Cage Technical Data

length(cm) width(cm height(cm) type Container No.
188 56 37*32 Three layer four door 96 birds
215 56 37*32 Three layer five door 120 birds
200 63 45*40 Three layer four door 120 birds
Categories Specification
egg chicken cage 1.88M*56CM*38CM*32CM three layer 96 piece
Rearing cage 1.88MM*60CM*30CM 1.88M*35CM*28CM
Broiler cage 2M*60CM*35CM 1.5M*70CM*35CM
Special product are available according to customer requirements.

Type Tier & door Cage size mm Weight Capacity Cell size mm
H type 3 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 144chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
4 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 192chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
3tier 5 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 120chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430
4tier 5 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 160chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430

Surface treatment Service life
1. Cold galvanized chicken cage 5-year to 8-year
2. Hot galvanized chicken cage 20-year to 30-year
3. Green PVC coated chicken cage 10-year to 20-year
Tiers 2,3,4,5,6,etc. customizable
Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Warranty 15-20 years
Systems for Chicken farm
Drinking system Automatic: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank, reducing valve
Feeding system Automatic: Feeding trough, automatic feeding machine
Egg collecting system Automatic: Out egg handing platform, egg belt scientific design, low egg breakage rate
Manure removal system Automatic: Removal panel ,removal machine, controller, rope, high cleanliness
Environment control system Automatic: exhaust fan; cooling pad; environment controller; hygrometers and others
Application Chicken layer cage; broiler cage; poultry cage
Service Pre-sale and after-sale service & Installation service

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