A Type Layer Chicken Cage 1

A Type Layer Chicken Cage

Type: A type

Tier & door: 3 tier 5 door,4 tier 5 door,3 tier 4 door,4 tier 4 door

Cage size: 1950x350x380 mm

Weight: 45kg/set

Capacity: 90chickens 3chickens/cell

Cell size: 390*350*380 mm

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A Type Layer Chicken Cage Introduction:

A type chicken cage has the feature of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high option of the automatic equipment, lower input costs and reap fast, customer could choose the chicken cage only, cage with semi or high-automatic equipment according to your different requirement. It is more suitable for the use of 5,000 - 35,000 laying hens in a single chicken house.

It is designed both open and close house all over the world,especially for open house in big farm who has enough land,it is more suitable to be used in tropical zone such as Africa,South East Asia and South Asia Countries.it is Cold Galvanized or all Hot Dipped Galvanized cages.

The A -type Layer System from Henan Golden is Cold Galvanized or Hot Dipped Galvanized Equipment, we can control the standard and quality because Jinfeng has our own Wire Drawing Production Line to produce the cage wires, Automatic Cage Mesh Welding line, Cutting line, Bending line and Cold/Hot Dipped Galvanization line for Cages and Cage Frames.
The A –type Layer System was certified by ISO9001:2008, it has scientific design and efficient working solid structure, perfect installation service.

A Type Layer Chicken Cage Advantages:

1, Saving more cost for Farmers because its lower cost than H Frame Cage System;
2.More Suitable to use in rainless district. Durable and solid structure for long lifetime;
3.Greater number of birds is reared per unit of area .
4.Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance;
5.It helps producing clean eggs because the Egg conveyor system can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room just as the H frame System;
6. Easy control of parasitic disease like coccidiosis and worm infestation;
7.Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge.
8.Egg production of caged layer was reported to be more than those kept in deep litter system.
9.The overlap parts is bigger so the chicken house can get much better ventilation, it can be used both in open or close house according clients’ needs.

Equipment list of the layer cage feeding system:

1. Basic Component:
Chicken layer cage mesh, Chicken layer cage frame, Feeding trough, Water Pipe, Water Pressure Adjuster, Drinking Nipple.

2. Optional automatic equipment:
Automatic egg-collecting system, Automatic feeding system, Automatic manure-removing system, Climate control system, Computerized control system.

A Type Layer Chicken Cage Specifications:

1.Cage Frame Materials: Q235A Steel
2.Feed Troughs: Made of PVC and different Dimension design according clients’ need, or made by 1.0--1.20mm hot galvanized steel sheets with round edge for convenient cleaning ,solid and durable design.
3.Surface Treatment: Hot dipped Galvanization by Jinfeng Hot Galvanization Production Line
4.Cage Dimension/Cell:(390--490)*(350--500)*(380--430)mm, 5cells/Unit, 
5.6(3tiers)/8(4tiers)units/sets. Installed Dimension/sets:2000*1200*410mm. Total Floor Area per cell:430--500 sq.cm; Total Birds/Cell:3--5 birds; 450 sq.cm average area for per bird.
Battery Cage Dimension: any dimension of Cages are available from clients
Battery Cage System tiers: 2--5tiers available.
The A –type Layer System was certified by ISO9001:2008, it has scientific design and efficient working solid structure, perfect installation service.

A Type Layer Chicken Cage Technical Data

Type Tier & door Cage size mm Weight Capacity Cell size mm
A type 3 tier 5 door 1950x350x380 45kg/set 90chickens 3chickens/cell 390*350*380
4 tier 5 door 1950x350x380 60kg/set 120chickens 3chickens/cell 390*350*430
3 tier 4 door 1950x350x380 45kg/set 96chickens 4chickens/cell 487.5*350*380
4 tier 4 door 1950x350x380 60kg/set 128chickens 4 chickens/cell 487.5*350*380

Surface treatment Service life
1. Cold galvanized chicken cage 5-year to 8-year
2. Hot galvanized chicken cage 20-year to 30-year
3. Green PVC coated chicken cage 10-year to 20-year
Tiers 2,3,4,5,6,etc. customizable
Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Warranty 15-20 years
Systems for Chicken farm
Drinking system Automatic: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank, reducing valve
Feeding system Automatic: Feeding trough, automatic feeding machine
Egg collecting system Automatic: Out egg handing platform, egg belt scientific design, low egg breakage rate
Manure removal system Automatic: Removal panel ,removal machine, controller, rope, high cleanliness
Environment control system Automatic: exhaust fan; cooling pad; environment controller; hygrometers and others
Application Chicken layer cage; broiler cage; poultry cage
Service Pre-sale and after-sale service & Installation service

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