H Type Layer Chicken Cage 1

H Type Layer Chicken Cage

Type: H type

Tier & door: 3 tier 4 door

Cage size: 1950x500x430mm

Weight: 54kg/set

Capacity: 144 chickens 6 chickens / cell

Cell size: 487.5*500*430mm

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H Type Layer Chicken Cage Introduction:

H type chicken cage has the feature of high-automation, high-density, effectively save the land and labor cost, the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controling system, which is the best choice of the intensive & large scale poultry farm. It is more suitable for the use of 20,000 - 100,000 laying hens in a single chicken house.

H Frame Layer Battery Cage System

• The construction and the sections of cages are produced of galvanized sheet and hot dipped galvanized wires bearing ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.The surface galvanize cover of these materials, are equal to high standards.
• The cage system is designed to be strong against earth movements. Main construction of the cage system consists of the legs, which are located in every 84 cm lengthwise, and the wide based connection units with adjustable bolts.
• Sections side walls are produced of galvanized wire and galvanized steel sheets which will be fitted together in factory before shipment.Thus, more more productive ventilation are ensured,and installation workload reduced and all equipment standard can be kept perfectly because of less movement of the section sides.
• Availability to adjust the required level of feeds thanks to the feeding system consisting of feed cart(trolley hopper) and dispenser apparatus that are automatic and made of galvanized sheet and dyed sheet.all feeding system are connected with the feed silo(with feed elevator and silo weighing system) and operated automatic.
• Watering system is consisting of PVC material square shape pipe, nipple drinkers, which is made of plastic and stainless steel in red color, in each section and the bottom plastic drop catcher in V shape.and all nipple drinkers will be fitted with the square pipes already and packed by carton and plastic bags outside for protection before shipment.we use the water pressure regulators.the DOSATRON doser and filters to clean the water and keep health of the chickens in the house.
• The manure removal belt is made of white PP product which made in Italy,the belt system is consisting of front cap rollers stretching and internal scrapping off apparatus as well as the rear scrapping off rollers, pressing balls,external scrapping off apparatus, conveyor drive systems and the electrical reducer engines.a cover has been placed at back of the manure belts for avoid splashing and not to make dirty hen house and transfer the manure to the conveyor as dandy.

H Type Layer Chicken Cage Feature

1. Number of chickens each unit area far exceeds the flating breeding way, it can increase 50% to 100%
2. Chicken manure and chickens are completely isolated, manure can be directly down to the ground, house dust greatly reduced, less chance of disease through infected feces, greatly reduced the mortality of chickens
3. Chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise, energy consumption, save feed
4. Easy to observe birds, clustering or choose Amoy easy
5. Have sufficient feed, water position and healty uniformity are better chicken
6. Can be avoided raising the required level of expenditure litter
7. Egg breakage rate, high cleanliness
8. Chicken can significantly reduce disability
9. Low labor intensi

H Type Layer Chicken Cage Specifications:

Type Tier & door Cage size mm Weight Capacity Cell size mm
H type 3 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 144chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
4 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 192chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
3tier 5 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 120chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430
4tier 5 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 160chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430

Surface treatment Service life
1. Cold galvanized chicken cage 5-year to 8-year
2. Hot galvanized chicken cage 20-year to 30-year
3. Green PVC coated chicken cage 10-year to 20-year
Tiers 2,3,4,5,6,etc. customizable
Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Warranty 15-20 years
Systems for Chicken farm
Drinking system Automatic: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank, reducing valve
Feeding system Automatic: Feeding trough, automatic feeding machine
Egg collecting system Automatic: Out egg handing platform, egg belt scientific design, low egg breakage rate
Manure removal system Automatic: Removal panel ,removal machine, controller, rope, high cleanliness
Environment control system Automatic: exhaust fan; cooling pad; environment controller; hygrometers and others
Application Chicken layer cage; broiler cage; poultry cage
Service Pre-sale and after-sale service & Installation service

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