Automatic Chicken Plasson Drinker 1

Automatic Chicken Plasson Drinker

Name: plasson drinker

Material: 304 stainless steel, ABS engineering materials

Usage: layers, broilers, chicks, breeders

Square water supply pipe: 25mm, 22mm

Save water

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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Automatic Chicken Plasson Drinker Descriptions

Plasson drinker also Automatic bell drinker.It is used together with poultry feeders for chicken feeding and drinking. Plasson drinkers is a water supply equipment used in chicken farming waterline,used in chicken farms commonly, especially as water equipment for small chicken farm.

It is highly effective and more economical, especially for broilers, broiler need more waters than pullet and layers, All bell drinkers will connect by water pipe and in the end is water tank to stock and supply water of the whole bell drinker line, compare with floor drinkers, no need to add water one by one, save labor working time mostly,much lower cost than chicken cage and equipment.

Plasson drinker is made of water bowl, moved support, springs, water seal gasket and main pipe on the support, inlet pipe etc. It have a anti-splash board around inlet pipe on the support.

Automatic Chicken Plasson Drinker Classification:

1.Using For Big Chicken:
1)Old Type: external diameter is 34cm, total height is 58cm
2)New type: New Type: external diameter is 34cm, total height is 33cm

2.Using For Small Chicken:
New type: external diameter is 23.5cm, total height is 25cm

Automatic Chicken Plasson Drinker Feature:

1.made of pure polyethylene, anti-aging, non-polluting.
2.Novel design, reasonable structure, It saves labor cost.
3.Save water and feed, improve environment, make chicken drink fresh water every is ideal drinker in chicken farm.
The usage and control of Plasson drinker


1. Under use
0 - 14 days 1 time/day
15-28 days 1 time/2 days
After 28 days 1 time/3 days

Cleaning Requirements:
Tool: a sewage bucket, a disinfectant bucket, a dishcloth

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