Automatic Drip Cup Nipple Drinker 1

Automatic Drip Cup Nipple Drinker

Name: Automatic Drip Cup Nipple Drinker

Color: Yellow, Orange.

Material: PP

Can supply clean water from 360 degree.

Supply and save water effectively.

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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Descriptions Automatic Drip Cup Nipple Drinker

Adopting advanced nipple automatic drinking system with no leakage to keep the poultry house dry, and to reduce the risk of disease infection.

Feature Of The Automatic Drip Cup Nipple Drinker

1. The original package is made of material,shell,engneering material,never add recyled plastics.
2. Concise design,high cost performance!
3. Nipple drinker fountain,disassembly cleaning simple;
4. This product should be installed supporting water mouth use!
5. Use material more high quality plastic bottle;Safe pollution-free,durable!
6. 360 degree sensitivity to meet all chickens’ drinking need;
7. Never get rusty Save Water;
8. Never leak and save water;
9. Water falling smoothly;
10. High strength and corrosion resistance;
11. Flexible and fresh water supply.

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