Metal Ventilation Fans 1

Metal Ventilation Fans

Name: Metal Ventilation Fans

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Mounting: Wall Fan

Power: 0.55-1.1kw

Air Volume: 17700-55800

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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Metal Ventilation Fans Descriptions

The technology derived from Europe, standard and manufacturing process is whole in accordance with the European CAD/CAM. Exhaust fan is installed in one side and evaporative cooling pad is installed in the other side ,then heat and exhaust inside will be taken away because of negative pressure, and fresh and filtered air will be pumped into through pad to make the air cool down by natural physical phenomenon----evaporation.

The combination of exhaust fan and evaporative cooling pad can sustain the factory temperature in less than 28 Degree and make air change 80--90 times per hour, no matter how high the original temperature is.

Metal Ventilation FansFeature

galvanized frame: Through strength test, square frame and round air guide sleeve are stamped and connected together by standard fasteners, using electric power and air tools. zn-coat thickness no less than 200g/㎡,resistant to corrosion an weathering. louver leaves: Hot galvanized louver leaves are also made by stamping mold.
1.5mm-thick middle louver leaf supports plastic automatic centrifugal opening device, ensuring no deformation after operation for a long time. When fan stops operation, all leaves will close tight, leaning no leak for air or light.
SS blade: 6 stainless steel blades are self cleaned, with a stamping process by computer mathematical model.
V-belt: V-belt from MITSUBOSHI, with high strength, long life span and little maintenance.
Automatic belt tensioner: Aluminum magnesium alloy material, no deformation;
Tensioned from the inside in order to avoid being distorted to reverse direction.
belt wheel and wheel hub: aluminum magnesium alloy material, die casted, with better corrosion resistance. Water proofing groove in the belt wheel protects water against entering inside. Built-in oil bearing in auto industry,maintenance-free.
automatic centrifugal opening device: Injected by reinforced nylon,bearing drive structure included.When powered,the centrifugal opening device pushes louver leaves quickly and flexibly,then ideal temperature and ventilation can be reached within a short period.
Famous brand motor: 100% copper cored motor, with CCC authentication.
Protection grade-IP55;Insulation grade-F
Invisible handle: Both sides of every fan are equipped with handle, making easier for transportation .Concave hole design avoids possible damage to handle when installation in the wall.

The purpose of ventilation

Oxygen: supply sufficient oxygen, remove harmful gases, reducing the concentration of NH3, H2S, CO2 and other harmful gases for the growing chicken; Cooling: eliminate excess quantity of heat, so the temperature was kept relatively discounted appropriate; Warming: by blowing hot air to increase chicken house temperature; Heat dissipation: by increasing the wind speed reduces the body feeling temperature of chicken; Exhaust of moisture: maintain the appropriate humidity; Dust discharge: Exclude dust, reducing bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms in the house; Fresh air: no ventilation dead area inside the house, so each chicken can get fresh air. In order to ensure healthy growth of chicks inside poultry, these will be the balanced condition of gases:

Metal Ventilation Fans Application:

Our exhaust fan can be used in almost all places which need ventilation and cooling. 1. Industry: garment manufacturing factory, electronics, plastic, shoe, toy, hardware factory and so on 2. Commerce: hall, supermarket, hotel, net bar, recreational place, guesthouse. 3. Public: hospital, station, gym, school 4. Animal husbandry: poultry house, pig, chicken, rabbit, cow barn

Metal Ventilation Fans Specifications

Item exhaust fan FJ-71 FJ-90 FJ-125 FJ-140
Size mm 800*800*410 1100*1100*400 1400*1400*370 1500*1500*370
Blade Dia. mm 710 900 1250 1400
Air Volume m³//h 17700 26700 40500 55800
Power Rating HP/KW 0.55 0.55 0.75 1.10
Voltage V 380 380 380 380
Frequency HZ 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Propeller Rotation Speed r/min 560 525 560 525
Noise dB 65 63 60 55
Weight kg 45 44 80 76.5
Carton Size cm 100*100*43 130*130*42 142*142*39 152*152*39
Loading QTY Assembled 20'/40'GP/40'HQ 60/120/150 40/80/100 28/56/70 20/40/50
Loading QTY Unassembled 20'/40'GP/40'HQ 120/220/270 100/200/282 56/110/140 45/90/120

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