Plasic Water Pressure Regulator 1

Plasic Water Pressure Regulator

Name: Plasic Water Pressure Regulator

Color: red yellow and other color as request

Material: ABS Engineering plastic

usage: water pressure regulator for water

advantage: never blocked up and saving water

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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Plasic Water Pressure Regulator Description

Poultry water pressure regulator are an extremely important part of your watering system as they allow you to control the amount of pressure in your water line.Whether the pressure is too high or too low, Regulators can regulate and stabilize the pressure making sure the proper amount of water is in the pipe at any given time.

Plasic Water Pressure Regulator Advantages:

1. Multiple flow rate for option: 10-150 ml/min (hydrostatic pressure 3KPa or 30 cm high). Water flow can be doubled with the increase of water pressure. All are with excellent sealing performance in a wide pressure range ( pressure from a few centimeters to several meters or more).
2. Saving water: Using nipple drinker, clean, water-saving, keeping manure dry. Do not need to wash, improve feed efficiency.
3. Avoiding disease: The water doesn't directly expose to the chicken house because of drinking system good sealing performance, keep away from dust and pathogens,also avoiding the cross infection caused by drinking water, reduce the spread of disease.
4. Labor saving: Using nipple drinkers can eliminate manual rinse sink work, increased labor productivity.

Plasic Water Pressure Regulator Features:

1. Seals are made of high quality stainless steel
2. Shell is made of imported high wear acetal copolymer resin
3. Out of water science, sealing performance, stable quality, reliable performance
4. To provide adequate drinking water for the chicken to optimize the growth of chickens
5. Reducing water leakage and the water leakage caused by ammonia volatilization, improved chicken coop environment,preventing the spread of germs

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