Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan 1

Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan

Name: Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan

Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic

Energy saving

Large air output

Lower noise

Brand Name: Golden Egg

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Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan Descriptions

A fresh supply of fresh air and equal maintenance of temperature and humidity is a must for any sort of poultry business. Thus, ventilation should be a major concern and key factor for a farmer who is targeting to make a maximum production of chicken meats, eggs etc. For these following reasons, you have to be wise is case of selecting a ventilation system for your poultry farm:
Proper supply of oxygen gas and other essential gases to the poultry house from the outside air.
Cooling and warming according to the necessity.
Heat dissipation and temperature distribution in a proper basis.
Removal of excess moisture, dust and dirt.
Providing fresh air to the chickens and birds inside the poultry farm.
For high density population of livestock and poultry in confinement, proper ventilation is a must.
Ventilation removes odors, dust, moistures and excess heat from the room and maintains a healthy environment.
Providing proper and long lasting ventilation can be a promising poultry grower.

Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan advantage

1) Energy saving
Take 54 inch type of fan for example, the power of general type of fan is 1100w or 1500w, but our fan is 750w. So if you take use of it, you just need pay half of the cost.

2) Large air output
Take 54 inch type of fan for example, the measured air volume of better quality type of fan is about 40000 cubic meters, but our fan can reach to 64990 cubic meters.

3) Lower noise
Our perfect design concept and material decrease the noise, and it can work steady.

4) Long lifetime
The fan casing and motor stents were produced by the material of glass fiber reinforced plastic which resists corrosion and airslake. The material of shutter is PVC, also resists corrosion and airslake. Fan blade is made of nylon and fiber material, and has better sturdiness and flexibility.

5) Low failure rate
Because of the electric motor and fan blade connected directly, it has no belts, belt pulley, bearing and other damageable

Plastic Industry Exhaust Fan Technology

The technology derived from Europe, standard and manufacturing process is wholly in accordance with the European CAD/CAM. Exhaust fan or ventilator is installed in one side, and cooling pad is installed in the other side, then heat and exhaust air inside will be taken away by negative pressure, fresh and filtered air will be pumped into shed, cooling pad can make the air cool down by natural physical phenomenon---evaporation.

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