A Type Layer Cage For Solomon Islands 1

A Type Layer Cage For Solomon Islands

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We received from one letter from Junior in Solomon Islands in summer 15TH, July 2017. He told me he just have a small plot and is his backyard but he want to breed layer birds, moreover he is nursing baby bird, they are growing day after day, however his plot is not so much, he worried the eggs spread all over the land and could be trampled. he start to search the cage on the website and he find us at last, I am honor to have his letter and want talk to him, he is very humble and earnest and humor, very nice to talk him .After many times discussion, he told me he want to buy the cage, but not so much, he just want to have 40 units and choose some easy operation accessories. This is our lucky and can have cooperation with him. now we have a good cooperation relationship. he send me the cage picture in the his backyard. Wow his yard is very beautiful, it is filled with flowers, please check this picture, we together enjoy them.

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