Poultry Farm In Zambia 1

Poultry Farm In Zambia

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As you know, Zambia is an agricultural country and there is much demand for poultry. Poultry farm business is done not only at national level but the eggs and chicken meat is very popular. Chicken as a meal is an important part of meal nowadays. Not only at home but at restaurants and fast food is incomplete without chicken. If most consider starting poultry farm business is on right path due to its high demand.

As business is started much care is needed in running the business. All the data must be kept carefully. Children special care is needed to grow them and prevent them from the disease. Regular monitoring by the veterinary doctor must be assured for the proper health of chickens. As ill and unhealthy chicken are unsafe for human health also it will have a negative impact on the business. So to have a successful business all the parameters including bird's food, the temperature required to live comfortably and their health issues must be considered properly.

Hence ,more and more farm chose the cage to breed chicken from family farm to huge farmer ,the chicken can avoid the disease and better manage, gain more eggs without any broken .Frank who run family farm in Zambia choose our cage ,he bred 10800birds in his poultry farm .the house size is 86m by 12m by 2.5m ,it is 3 row 3tier 90 birds , each row have 40units ,in total is 120 units ,please check his house picture for your reference.

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